Heaney Country & The A6 – Let’s go for Win-Win!

On Tuesday 27th June, Mr. Chris Murphy an environmentalist, returns to court in Belfast to appeal the decision to proceed with routing the A6 through an environmentally sensitive area, home to Whooper swans, Bewick Swans and Golden Plovers (Annex 1 SPA qualifying species). It is also the location of Anahorish, the Brough Road, and many of the locations which inspired and shaped Seamus Heaney – the poet and the man.
The need to upgrade the road between Derry and Belfast is not in question. It is much needed and it is long overdue. While an alternative exists which is to route the road through a brown field site of a disused aerodrome, isn’t that the right thing to do? Wouldn’t that be win-win for all of us, and for the generations to come, so that the pristine landscape remains, the birds’ habitat is uncontested and road users get what they need.
We have a collective responsibility both to future generations and the international community for the land and the literature of this inspiring habitat. Let’s do the right thing,
Maria McManus, Poet
Dr. Mary Montague, Poet
Aisling Cowan
Daragh Carville, Playwright
Jane Talbot, Author
Sarah Clancy, Poet
David Butler, Poet
Sean Hardie, Screenwriter
Louise Phillips, Author
Catherine Dunne, Author
Jess Traynor, Poet
Mary O’Donnell, Poet
Ian Duhig, Poet
Jean O’Brien, Poet
Mari Maxwell, Writer
Moyra Donaldson, Poet
Paul Butler, 
Martin Johnsson
Catherine McInerney, Poet
Oonagh Thompson-Bradley
Eileen Thompson
Cathy McCullough, 
Celia de Fréine, Poet
Patricia Murray, Writer
Catherine Gaston, Artist
Rosie McGurran, Artist
Ryan McManus
Ronan McManus, Musician
Sean Keenan
Brigid O’Neill, Singer- Songwriter
Paul Casey, Poet
Breandán Clarke, Artist 
Wilma Kenny, Writer
Chris Ledger, Artist
Hanna Slattne, Dramaturg
Gwenda Earley
Vicky Blades, Actor
Gráinne Woods, 
George Szirtes Poet
Christo James
Louise Kennedy, Author
Helen Sharp, Artist
Nessa O’Mahony, Poet
Bernarde Lynn, Artist
Maggie Cronin, Actor
Seamus McGrenaghan
Therese Kieran Poet
Maria Behan, Writer, 
Ass. Prof. Fiorenzo Fantaccini  (Irish Studies, University of Florence)
Victoria Patterson
Shay Patterson-Byrne
Eve Patterson-Byrne
Shelley Tracey, Poet
Dolores McManus
Margaret O’Driscoll, Poet
Helen Siri
Betty Sweeney
Silvia Penas Estaeves Musician
Estevo Creus Andrade, Author
Laura Cameron
Marie Kenny
Dr. Joanna McMinn
Tony Hickland, Author & Poet
Dave Lordan Poet, 
Stephanie Conn, Poet
David Atkinson, Poet
Keith Payne, Poet
Josh Schultz
Nandi Jola, Poet
Colm McGinn,
James Heaney
Charo Lanao, Arts Facilitator
Brian McManus
Martina Brigitte Dunne
Teresa McManus, 
James McGrath, 
Seamus Camplisson, 
Katie Donovan, Poet
Anthony Quinn, Author
Olive Broderick, Poet
Declan Meade, Editor & Publisher
Michael Faulkner, Writer
Jane Robb
Claire Bradley
Stephen Campbell
Chelley McLear, Poet
Mike Herron
Rosie Cowan
Garry McFeeter
Karen J. McDonnell
Kathryn Baird
Rosie Graham
Abigail McGibbon, Actress
Clara Wilde
Sharon Matthews
Emmett McManus
Jo McManus
Marie-Therese Davis
Angela Carr
Joelle Gartner
Alan Rotherham
Mrs. Catherine Hatt
Liadhan Charlton
Jane Cohen
Ruth Moody
Teresa Kane
Patricia Lúbeck
Judith Lowens Thurley
Karen McMinn
Drea Hodgins
James Harrold
Derval Leahy
Peter Butler
Eileen Geoghan
Clare Leftfield McWilliams
Sara Camplisson
Jim Johnston
Anne Doughty
Helen McDonnell
Mairi McCurdy
Djinn Gallagher
Anthony Glavin, Writer
Eunice Yeates
Dawn Patterson
Brian Howard
Olive MacDonald
Reggie Chamberlain-King
Margaret Hickey
Petey Burns
Peter Adair
Dr. Michael Scott Cardiologist (retired)
Sharon Dempsey, Writer
Prof. Paul Jeffcut, writer 
Malcolm Kidd 
Maureen Hill, Poet
Ray Givens, Poet
Imelda Maguire, Poet
Julie Williams-Nash
Karen Mooney
Emma Wallace.
Palas Athena
Charlene Hurtubise, 
Patricia Donald
Jill Crawford, Actress/ Writer
Jacqueline Podevin
Karine Talec
Loulou Tempest
Clare McLaughlin
Joan Hunter
Heather McCraken
Marie Mulholland
Rosie Pelan Actress
Andrea Carter Author