Poetry Jukebox – Request Time – Stephanie Conn @StephanieConn2 @cc_irlandais

Poetry Jukebox is an on-street audio installation of poetry. This poem, Bushfire is by Stephanie Conn. It was included in our Once Barefoot curation of poems about climate, which ran concurrently at Belfast City Council’s Tropical Ravine and at Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris.

Poetry Jukebox Request Time – Michelle Penn @Mich_Penn

Poetry Jukebox is an on street audio installation of poetry. Michelle Penn’s poem Aubade, features on our Once Barefoot curation about the climate. It is at Centre Culturel Irlandais and at Belfast Tropical Ravine.



Poetry Jukebox – Call for Submissions – Once Barefoot… Belfast/ Paris edition


with Belfast City Council and  Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris

 Once barefoot…  

Who amongst us is able to number the end of grasses
To number the losses of each seeding head?

I’ll walk out once
Barefoot under the moon to know the field
Through the soles of my feet to hear
The myriad leaf lives green and singing
The million million cycles of being in wing

                                     from, Death of a Field by Paula Meehan


Internationally acclaimed poets Stephen Sexton  and Maria McManus  co-curate an international edition of first class contemporary poetry for our favourite on-street audio installation, Poetry Jukebox. This edition,  drawn from a world-wide call for submissions on the theme of climate, the environment and our relationship with the blue planet we call ‘home’.

In January 2020, Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris https://www.centreculturelirlandais.com will launch its poetry jukebox and we join forces with Belfast City Council’s Tropical Ravine http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/tourism-venues/TropicalRavine/TropicalRavine.aspx   to draw attention to the beauty of wild spaces, biodiversity and the threat of climate change to our oceans, countries, weather flora, fauna and humanity itself.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland,  from National Lottery funds, The British Council (NI),  Centre Culturel Irlandais, Poetry Ireland, Belfast City Council .


Images: Simon Hutchinson courtesy of Belfast International Arts Festival 2017

Submission criteria – Please read carefully!

  • Each poet can send a maximum of one poem
  • Submission by midnight Sunday 1stDecember 2019
  • EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Please include Once barefoot…in the subject line.
  • Email to poetryjukebox@gmail.com
  • Poems must be submitted in audio format.
  • Poems should be accompanied by a short biographical note ( max. 50 words) in the body of the email
  • Please submit good quality sounds files in MP3, MP4 or WAV format. (Smart phone voice files or good quality dictaphones such as Zoom H1 are ideal recording devices.) See the guidance notes (below) about how to make a good enough recording. Large files can be sent by WeTransfer to poetryjukebox@gmail.com
  • Poems in languages other than in English are welcome, however they must be accompanied by the poem in translation to English too. (Please record back to back in one sound file.)
  • Please be aware the jukeboxes are in a public space and children may be listening. Profanity will automatically rule out a poem’s use.

Some guidance for making a good  enough recording:

  • Each poem should be no longer than 2 minutes max. when read aloud, but one minute or  one minute and thirty-seconds works best in this format.
  • Find a quiet space to do your recording. Listen for, and become aware of any background noise, such as traffic, clicks, pets, children etc, and do something to minimise the background noises –  such as closing doors, closing the curtains, go to a different room etc
  • Don’t record in the kitchen – the recording device will pick up vibrational noise from the fridge.
  • Switch off all low energy light bulbs in the vicinity ( they also generate vibrational noise)
  • Use a Smart phone such as an iPhone, Experia or similar
  • Go to the Voice Memo app
  • It is helpful to place your phone on top of a pile of books, 8-12 inches from your mouth. Putting it on top of a pile of books will also help to keep the phone steady
  • Read in a natural voice but pay attention to your diction.
  • On recording, (wait 2 beats) Read the TITLE (wait 1 beat) YOUR NAME (wait 2 beats),
  • Read the POEM then repeat the TITLE (wait 1 beat) YOUR NAME (wait 2 beats). Save.
  • Poems in translation to English should be recorded in the original language first, with the English translation following in a single sound file.

Publication Rights

  • Poems previously published elsewhere ARE accepted, provided the author can assign the rights for the purposes of Poetry Jukebox to Quotidian – Word on the Street Ltd.
  • Quotidian – Word on the Street Ltd will not be held liable if a poem assigning the rights of use by the poet, later emerges to have infringed on other publishers’ rights.
  • Where poems are submitted in a language other than English, you may also include a translation of the poem recorded in English – back to back in the same voice file.
  • Payment: We are delighted that we can pay a small stipend of £35 for each contemporary poem.
  • Prior to publication the poetmustgive Quotidian – Word on the Street Ltdthe audio and recording rights to use the submitted poem on the Poetry Jukebox, on the internet, at launches etc. We do not expect to have exclusive rights.

About Poetry Jukebox & Quotidian –Word on the Street Limited

Poetry Jukebox is a Quotidian –Word on the Street Ltd project. Wee re based in Belfast. Quotidian is a not-for-profit literary arts production company limited by guarantee, the remit of which is to enhance civic spaces by animating them in innovative ways, with literature. The Poetry Jukebox is an on-street sound installation that provides an innovative new platform for poetry. A poetry jukebox is located in the grounds of The Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. We have two others which undertake residencies with festivals and institutions. The project is led by Artistic Director and poet Maria McManus.

This is a tiny not-for-profit organisation – we do not have the resources to give individual feedback, nor enter into correspondence. Quotidian -Word on the Street Ltd reserves the right to make decisions which support the project and the spirit of the project.

Poetry Jukebox, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, was launched as part of the Belfast International Arts Festival in October 2017. Poetry Jukebox was brought to Belfast by collaboration between Quotidian – Word on the Street Limited and Piana na uLici, Czech Republic. There is a maximum of twenty recordings per curation.

To learn more about Poetry Jukebox follow on Twitter @poetryjukeboxor click on these links https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/poetry-jukebox-amplifying-quiet-voices-and-beautiful-words-1.3244063



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