In Deep Time – Tada Ipadeola

Tade Ipadeola ( Nigeria) was co-curator of A Deeper Country, our CS Lewis themed curation with EastSide Arts and Belfast City Council. He was an absolute joy to work with, and with the wonders of the internet, although we have never met, we were still able to collaborate across the thousands of miles and put beautiful poetry into the streets of Belfast.

Sky, You Are Too Big #InternationalMigrantsDay 2019

It seems like a lifetime ago, but just before Christmas 2019, the Community Relations Council of Northern Ireland along with the Arts Council NI, the John Hewitt Society and the Linenhall Library, hosted our 2019 event for International Migrants Day. It featured poets Maria McManus, Nandi Jola, Viviana Fiorentino, Anesu Mtowa and Csilla Toldy, alongside traditional musicians Jason O’Rourke and Joe Campbell-McArdle. Thanks CRC NI for this short film record of the event.