In Deep Time – Tada Ipadeola

Tade Ipadeola ( Nigeria) was co-curator of A Deeper Country, our CS Lewis themed curation with EastSide Arts and Belfast City Council. He was an absolute joy to work with, and with the wonders of the internet, although we have never met, we were still able to collaborate across the thousands of miles and put beautiful poetry into the streets of Belfast.

Poetry Jukebox Request Time – Annemarie NíChurreaín @NiChurr

Poetry Jukebox is an on-street audio installation of poetry. This poem Border, is by Annemarie NíChurreaín. It was included in Hour by Hour, a curation of poems by LGBTQI+ poets, and was featured in OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival in 2018.

Poetry Jukebox – Request Time – Stephanie Conn @StephanieConn2 @cc_irlandais

Poetry Jukebox is an on-street audio installation of poetry. This poem, Bushfire is by Stephanie Conn. It was included in our Once Barefoot curation of poems about climate, which ran concurrently at Belfast City Council’s Tropical Ravine and at Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris.

Poetry Day IRL 2018 – RTE Radio Interview



This piece features information about this year’s LabeLLit project involving more than 70 poets in Ireland, Wales, England, Spain, Portugal and Australia. You can catch up with it at @LabeLLit on Twitter or

This interview also includes an excerpt from  my new work commissioned by Poetry Ireland – The Coping Stone. The poem is set on the Fermanagh/ Cavan border, between Belcoo and Blacklion, or ‘the Blaic’ as we always called it.


Thanks to Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Lottery Good Causes and Poetry Ireland for their support