Poetry Jukebox – Request Time – Mark Granier @MarkGranier


Vulture Bone Flute

–– 38,000 BC

Fitting to see the oldest airs

salvaged from a raptor –– the air

of its wing –– and there is music


in our bodies, drums and strings,

wind instruments fulfilling themselves

so blood and sweat sings


to surfaces, half-blinding those eyes

lost in the swing of a scythe,

a notched sword, the haulage


of hominid arms through foliage ––

music that runs like sap

back to the root


of our species jogging on the spot

wired to an iPhone –– chants, field hollers,

deafening wars, silences –– the body


bearing the mind away

with riffs, keys, tones, variations

on what’s in us and what will come


to blow through our bones.

Poetry Jukebox  puts poetry into public space. This Jukebox is at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. Vulture Bone Flute, by Mark Granier featured on our very first curation in October 2017.

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