Cirque des Oiseaux – Gallery Images

Here is a  link to the drop box of images for the Cirque des Oiseaux Project.

The project is a collaboration between me, Dr. Simon Waters of the  Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast, Rosie McGurran, Dr. Helen Sharp, Bernarde Lynn, Irene Uhlemann and Tom Hughes.

The project was initiated by me as part of my ACES award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Two further exhibitions are scheduled for the future – a mini exhibition, ‘Little Birds’ at Framework Gallery in East Belfast in 27 February to the 8th March 2017 and a full-scale exhibition at the Higher Bridges Gallery in Enniskillen in April 2017.

Enquiries should be directed to me at:

Sincere thanks to Tom Hughes for these images, and also to all the artists for their generosity and team-spirited responses.

One thought on “Cirque des Oiseaux – Gallery Images

  1. Massive airy flights of the imagination. Kudos to all. I’d love to see them up close, but this is a great flight path for sure. Number seven is apocalyptic and surely from the torn edge of the earth. From the muse on water… It’s
    the Tuatha Dé Danaan or People of the Goddess Danu who attempted to defeat a group of invading Milesians by raising a storm to drive their ships away
    This surely is the storm, to stir and clear the air. Thanks for sharing. Will revisit it again.

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