Poetry Ireland & Tyrone Guthrie Centre Bursary

Well, I’m chuffed to have been selected as one of the writers to receive the inaugural Poetry Ireland/Tyrone Guthrie Centre Bursary in 2016. What it means is protected time and space in a most beautiful artists’ retreat – Annamakerrig, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre near Newbliss in Co. Monaghan.


I have been there several times and I always come away with something worthwhile. It is space to reflect, to be undistracted, to fall completely into another cadence of working – to sleep when sleep comes, to work at the pace of the work and not interrupt it, to attend to other things, and other people. It’s time and space to be with other artists and to engage in some interesting discussions around that wonderful kitchen table.

It’s my intention to work more on the poems associated with the Cirque des Oiseaux project and to keep drilling into that theme to see where it leads. I have the bones of a collection written, but it still feels that there are poems left to write. It’s probable too, that some of the stuff I have written wont make the cut in the end…so there are still things to be written and elements to be explored.

Miss Worby’s ghost has been tweeting me. I wonder what is going happen this time in terms of the reading and the writing. She has promised to send me sweet dreams.

I will, of course, report back.



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