Images # Offbeat Antibes 9

In the second of what will probably be a very short series of collaborative working. Adrian Fox and I are continuing to experiment with responding to some images. No MLA’s have been harmed in the writing of these poems. No expenditure of public money has been incurred.




Neon birds flap along.
the lights are out but
nobodies home. The blue
beyond blue shoots through
even cloud disperses this way
and that. The lights will come on
soon and the flock will migrate into night.

Adrian Fox


Here’s my wishes for you,
a vantage point,
the sky, lit, always,
its source, the moon, sun and stars,
a light-house,
gathering-spots, along a safe harbour,
a boat of whisperings,
the sails; all that is not yet written –
shelter for you.

Venture out then.
Airborne and untethered.
Go scoping. Get the lie of things.
Tell everything.
It takes an army of us, friend,
to serve what goes un-noticed otherwise,
to see farther, to check for all that rests
in spaces in between, to say
what might otherwise go unsaid.


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