Images # Offbeat Antibes 10

Adrian Fox and I continue our ‘oul lark’ as in ‘that’s them’uns at their oul lark…..’ with a few poems in response to images. No MLA’s have been harmed in the writing of these poems. No expenditure of public money has been incurred.

P1010280THE NEST

The flakes of grain
Are flaking away.
Signs of decay are
With us today.
Things will get worse
Before they get better.
A sun drenched home
Is held together by nail
And paint on cracks of
Weather. Keeping us
Warm like birds of a
Feather lost on a wing
And a prayer.

Adrian Fox


Things are not even.
Taking the strain,
cracks show up on the surface,
change is irreparable.

And the question;
can we be saved by our own failures?
Life at the limits
is what it is.

And though it goes against the grain
to let the hare sit
to let the dogs stay sleeping,
what then?

After everything is lost.
Faith, thin and all as it is; pale, malnourished
hopeless as it is –
there is nothing else –

Today, anyway.

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