Offbeat Antibes #7 – Cassis & Aix en Provence

We made a point of getting out of Antibes this past weekend. We hadn’t felt the need to leave at all. To be here, bed in, and spend weeks walking the streets of the old town has been enough. Having said that, we are due for home again in less than a month and thought it time to get out and see some other places. So, we hired a car for Saturday and Sunday, booked a hotel for Saturday night and drove to Aix en Provence, taking in Cassis on the way home.



Here are a selection of the images I took. Above, the evening sky at Cassis. The lights depicting seagulls in flight, light in a strobe effect all around the harbour. There is a lighthouse with emerald green lenses at the harbour. There was a bitterly cold wind blowing off the sea, but it was still compelling to be there. Many people were at the bars and restaurants near the sea and we found  ourselves well catered for at the harbour.

In the small harbour, the wind played through the rigging of the boats, making wild but fascinating howls. In spite of the fact that I took hundreds of images of portals and doorways in Aix en Provence, I noticed too that some of the shots I have chosen look skywards.

The next image is of the light that came through the canopy of the public carpark in Cassis. I think it is beautiful that something so utilitarian also embraces art.



It seems as though I spent most of the day looking up.  I’d taken some wide shots in a square but a woman told me off for doing so. I had thought it ok to take images in a public space, but she took exception to that, and I can’t really understand why. I had thought general photos in public spaces were ok. If anyone has any advice for me, I’d be grateful.

Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence

I am impressed at how life goes on. It is vibrant. People sit, talk and spend time together. Outside of the tourist season, it is buzzing. Life is intact. I find it hard to imagine in the summer season and wonder if it would be so busy as to be overwhelming.

Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence

The exhibition of ancient Aix – an exhibition of its Roman past is currently on at the Museé Granet and runs until May 3rd. Entry was 5Euros, which included entrance to the nearby Jean Planque collection at the Granet XXe. Here, Rembrandt’s self portrait was the show stealer…… among many beautiful works by Picasso, Kosta Alex and an impressive list of modern works of art….. almost too many. These are the kind of things that really merit time to be savoured and taken in slowly. Kosta Alex was my personal new ‘big find’ from this exhibition.


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