Offbeat Antibes #5 Embedded


I am experiencing a conflicting urge to share this image, which I took this morning, or to just sit with it until I work out what to say. Just in case there is any doubt – that is a statue of Jesus embedded in the bark of a Plane tree.

I have questions. Who nailed that statue to the tree? How long ago? If the pattern of growth of the bark is happening from left to right and from the bottom up, why isn’t it also happening from the right?

Coco ( Jean-Marie) is local Antibois. I have seen him before. We are on nodding terms with each other. He seen me with the camera and was curious to know what I was doing, so I stopped a while to show him, reeling back through the images I have on the camera. Then he tells me about a tree nearby, where the bark is growing over an image of Christ which is now embedded into it. My French is too poor to understand the directions, but we agree that I will wander off and come back in ten minutes or so, so he can take me there.  Afterwards, he headed on about his business. I went back to where I had originally found him and arranged with the man behind the bar to put aside a drink for him. Cheers Coco.

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