Offbeat Antibes #4 -It’s Illuminating


Come over here now….I am told the core population of Antibes in the winter is around 5000 people. This swells to 100,000 during the summer.  I think I’d find that to be too many people for me, but it is wonderful here now, and though the current population is a fraction of that of summertime, it feels alive. You can tell this is a place catching its breath, focused on the local. Families go to the church, children play in the schoolyards; it is relaxed, routine, orderly. The light is beautiful.

The sun is coming up over the sea into a fairly clear sky. The weather was squally, wet and agitated yesterday, but is more settled now. It seems though, that there is never  a bad time to be out and about. In such weather, walking the old town, the streets are sheltered from the worst of the wind, making it possible to use and umbrella in response to the rain. There are still things to see and experience.

We get to speak with people and though my grasp of the French language is fairly limited, I love it that we can take time to speak, to make conversation and to engage in delightful, fragmented discussions that zip between languages, conscious that while the words are important, so much else is also carried with gesture, tone, looking, sensing, behaviour, intent. In last night’s company the nationalities were Irish, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Slovenian…… all conversing with the common language as French, however flawed – we talked politics, music, rescue dogs.

The low-hanging and wind-fallen fruits are oranges.


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