La Poste…..the art of letter-writing

I’ve been trying for some months to get a project off the ground  based on letter-writing. I have been resistant to promoting that on social media at all or remarking upon it on it through media which, on the face of it, undermines pen to paper and the most personal of written forms. However, since I launched it on the 9th of July  2014- I hadn’t gotten a single request for a letter and I had written quite a lot, leaving letters in random places, promoting it at readings and so on. Time for a change of strategy.

One short social media post last Friday and I had 30 requests….. I have gotten 22 written over the weekend. I have more to do and I keep thinking other of people I would like to write to, remembering how lovely it is to get post…. a real letter in the mail and not email.

I am in France, more or less entirely, until mid-February and hope to give the project some sustained momentum particularly during this time.

More reflections later…….. I’ve got letters to write and if anyone wants one – send me a private message with the address and I’ll get something in the post.


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