Le Penseur et moi……….

When I think of Rodin’s Le Penseur, I think we have something in common. Like me,  maybe he is also wondering, “WHERE  THE FECK ARE MY CLOTHES?” Apparently ‘Le Penseur’ was designed to depict Dante  at the gates of hell. I’m not a poet of the calibre of Dante and, to be fair, it is an exaggeration to describe the inconvenience of being without one’s baggage for this length of time as being at the gates of hell, but hey, a little exaggeration to cope with a situation that is frankly a complete pain in the ass, is a small kindness to myself. Which reminds me……… Rodin while you were at it, could you not have sculpted old Dante a cushion?… he’s been sitting there a while. I have a cushion. It is called a washing machine. The small amount of stuff I have I have been able to wash….. the weather is so nice, there is, as we say at home, ‘great drying weather th’day.’ It’s just after 9.00 am here. My bag will be with me, ‘first thing’ this morning. I will be interested to find out what time that actually means. When it comes to it, I will let you know peeps……. stay tuned. PS…… reference  the earlier blogpost ‘Waiting for Bag(ot)……. I still don’t have a piece of chalk, I am still not a nun…………. and there’s still no flashers……. Tant pis……I could do with the distraction. PPS…….. no sign of the mystery mischievous second husband either. Reference: The Bag Saga……



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