The Bag Saga continues………

Ok……. so…… in spite of the fact that I really have had it now and my patience is worn to a shred, it actually counts for nothing. I still don’t have my bag and frustration, anxiety, distraction, irritation and absolute incandescent rage, count for nothing – they don’t make a shred of difference. Nor does patience, understanding, and acknowledgment that some people in the courier company have worked to resolve this issue, change anything…. for today anyway.

The 4.00pm deadline came and went, and in it’s wake there was a sudden flurry of phone calls – first of all from the elusive third party company, then the second-party company….. interrupted by the people I had commissioned the service from in the first place.

Communication  by phone, may yet prove to be progress….. we will see.

There are a few porky pies floating about in the narrative. The  third-party courier company say they spoke to my husband….. this has been confirmed twice, by the second-party courier company,  but in reality no-one has spoken to him – they don’t have his number, they don’t know his name and, if by some curious coincidence, I happen to have a spare husband lurking about who actually has sent my bag on holiday for the recent days, even I don’t know who he is. I am suggesting, no, stating that this claim, is an out and out porky pie (LIE)…….. otherwise, show me the spare husband! I will need to divorce him, if he exists.

In an odd way, it seems like a ruse to stop having to deal with me – the annoying woman ringing and e-mailing every day to inform, and subsequently complain, that my stuff has not materialised.

It seems there was a mistake somewhere in the system of transcription of the address….. that is plausible, but within companies depending on getting logistics correct in order to maintain their reputations and get things done it also seems the obvious place to start when trying to work out what might possibly have gone wrong, but hey, I am just a customer and wouldn’t really know.

The lack of availability of email addresses, and phone numbers, and named people in the organisations to contact also seems a bit obvious as key things one might look at, to sort things out.

One of these guys actually suggested that I write and tell them everything that has gone wrong, to help them improve their service. I have suggested that at this stage I have already worked too hard and that it is not in his interests to ask me to do a single other thing – frankly, I am not in the humour. He was supposed to email me, but that email has not materialised either. I did suggest that putting phone numbers and email addresses on their website might be a ‘quick-hit’ in terms of  a high impact strategy to improving customer services, but I sense that got a humpy shrug. I don’t know. I was on the other end of the phone and couldn’t tell for sure……. I have not been able to email to check, and, like I said, his email to me has not materialised. I have looked on their website and there are still no emails/ phone numbers….. so as suggestions go, ‘so far so low impact.’

Maybe I will feel different when I have a change of clothes……………………… maybe tomorrow the bloody bag will come after all……. and when I have a change of clothes and some of my own particular things  back in my possession, I will feel differently.

Their incompetence has cost me a lot.  I have lost time and focus from work. I have made multiple calls. and then some…. damn it; the bottom line is that I didn’t get the deal I signed up for. Worse than that, it has cost me serious loss of time and focus from other urgent things I have needed to respond to.

Grrrrrrr………… just grrrrrrr.

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