The bag saga continues. I’m assured by the delivery company I hired, that the damned bag will come today – between 12 noon & 4.00 pm, they tell me.

I was able to get out this morning. It is so beautiful outside – really. Blue skies. Dry. Not too warm. I walked to the station to see himself off to work, and then walked home along the marina and into the old town. They were setting up for a flea market. Paintings. vulgar old light fittings, brass, sculptures of elephants, a huge deep frame with hundreds of origami frogs, each with it’s own number.There were several guitars on stands, beside individual stalls. There were mongrel dogs – well cared for and loved, mongrel dogs, tied to lampposts: their owners bring them everywhere.

I have things to do – chores and writing and reading. Today feels like a day with more air in it. I will keep you posted.

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