It’s a place apart


ImageStone. There is just stone everywhere on Inishlacken. I felt compelled to walk the periphery of the island as soon as I arrived. It’s a small place, but encircling it can’t be done quickly. The ground is uneven and changes underfoot often. It takes time to pick steps over the boulders and flagstones and to find a path around the boggy places. If it’s green and plushy, beware.

Greenery often gives way to a soft, squelchy and sodden underbelly and while it is tempting to dander among the flag irises, it’s not smart unless of course your intention is to sink into it. It’s better to step out, surefooted onto stone.

On the Atlantic side of the island, even as late as the summer solstice, I watched a sheep drop her newborn lamb onto a sloping slab of solid stone, exposed to the weather coming off the sea – the…

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