Happen on the Lagan – 7th September

Another first for the Minnowburn Arts Lab on The Lagan Love Trail.

A Free live poetry and music happening will take place on the 7th Sept Saturday 3.30 at the Minnowburn Arts Lab sponsored by the National Trust Minnowburn.

Maria Mc Manus award winning poet, will be giving her first public reading from her new book,’We are Bone’,published by Lagan Press, will be accompanied by renowned flautist Gerry Mc Kee. Local award winning international artist Liam de Frinse will be giving a short talk on his creation and development of the Lagan Love Trail. This will be the first time live poetry and music will take place among the trees on the Lagan Navigation.

Originally the Minnowburn Arts Lab started out as an experimental base station for creative activity and ideas that would bridge the divides between Ecology, Contemporary Art, Music and Poetry, has now become a major feature of the Lagan Love Trail bringing delight,joy and wonderment to children and adults alike as they see live artists and volunteers working among the trees. Many stories and life’s experiences are exchanged at the ‘Love Nest’ installation and messages are  left on the Love Tree installation by local and international visitors who pass through the Minnowburn Arts Lab. To date over two thousand visitors have passed through the Arts Lab.
‘It’s all about giving back, sharing, exchanging skills and resources that will enhance our lives for a better understanding of our surroundings and each other’ is the basic philosophy of the Arts Lab.
A special installation is being created for the new happening on the 7th September at a secret location near the Lagan navigation so bring your camera along to record this special moment that you will treasure for many years to come. The Minnowburn Arts Lab will end in November 2013 but may be extended due to popular demand.
              Minnowburn National Trust 02890647787

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